8 Ways to Start An Impeccable Morning Routine for Success

Start with Meditation.  Start with an Attitude of Gratitude Start with the End in Mind (Goals) Start with a Book.  Start with Training and Exercise.  Start with Fasting.  Start with Journaling. Start with a List (Todo/Not Todo). How we spend our morning is an indicator that determines whether we will be successful or not. How we spend our early morning from wakeful start to moments of productivity determines the person we make of ourselves. This time is vital as it is a catalyst to whether we will become the best…

8 Lessons on Effectiveness (From Peter Drucker’s Effective Executive)

Peter Drucker was known as the ‘father of modern management’.  His book  ‘The Effective Executive” is one of the most helpful books on the subject of effectiveness in the workplace.   I believe the lessons in this book are valuable enough that we can use them in our daily lives.  Below are 8 lessons from the book that we can learn and use to help us become more effective.