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My Favorite Abraham Hicks Quote on “The Flow of Life”

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There is one work amongst the new age, spirituality, and self-help movement that had a profound impact on my life. And this is the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham on the Law of Attraction.

Notwithstanding that this teaching was quote-unquote channeled, I believe you can withhold judgment and examine this work and see if it resonates with you in some capacity.

I was at some point in my life working so hard, stressing about achieving something and trying to make my mark. When we use brute force instead of inspiration, when we work harder, faster, and in competition with everyone else instead of creating value, conceiving beauty, and serving our inner self — we can be at a disparate end of two spectrums. Either of each could be a factor for any sort of success.

One path is hard, grind our soul to a pulp, and the other is one borne out of synchronicity, inspiration, and perhaps luck.

When I heard Abraham talk about the following rowing a both on a stream, I immediately got the analogy and something clicked in me.

The quote that follows is from the teaching of Abraham, and I hope you find value and inspiration in it as much as I do. The quote was spoken live by Abraham and it goes like this…

Can you imagine taking your canoe to the river’s edge… and you come to the edge of the river, a fast-moving river, and you point it upstream deliberately and start paddling really hard.

And we say, why not turn and just go with the flow of the stream? …

And our physical friends say, “Abraham that just seems lazy.”
And we say: “How long can you keep this up?”


And they say: “I don’t know but I’m going to find out because … this is what we humans do we paddle upstream… anybody measures themselves against others who are paddling upstream.

We never compare ourselves to the ne’er-do-wells who just let go, and let God.

We paddle and present monuments to those who paddle hard….”



We want to be clear about something here: nothing that you want is upstream. NOTHING that you want is upstream.

Because as life caused you to ask more, Source has become it and is calling you!

In other words, everything that you want is in the direction of that flow.

Further, there is only one flow. there is not a flow that will take you off to evil and badness, or sickness. There is only one stream and it’s the stream of becoming.

It’s the stream of life. It’s the stream that flows from Source.

It’s the stream that you have contributed to, it’s that cycle of life. It’s a flow and it is downstream. And when YOU go with that flow, you feel the vitality of that.

You don’t even have to turn the boat around. And you don’t have to paddle downstream. Just stop paddling upstream!

If you stop paddling upstream, the stream will turn you. And you will begin to move in the direction of what you have created in your life. You’ll move in the vibration of your vibrational escrow. And as you begin the turn, you will begin to feel the relief.

I hope that this quote resonated with you. When I first heard this quote, I immediately got it. There was a “light bulb” moment that occurred. The essence of this lesson is that instead of letting things be and letting things go. Instead of becoming mindful and listening to our true selves, we walk a path opposite the one we want. We think that hard work and grinding it out will get us to true happiness. Instead, we wear out our body, spirit, and minds down because of the effort we put to going against this stream.

At least for me, the lesson presented here was to learn to listen, learn to become more mindful, and learn to let go, or as Abraham says, “Let God. “

What we can control are our feelings, our actions, and our reactions. Do we live with fear in our hearts, or do we live in gratitude every day? Do we work to create value and inspire others, or do we live to get something from others, like money or materialistic things? Do we live in apathy, or do we live a mindful existence?

The flow of the river downstream leads to ultimately what we want because as Jesus says:

“So I say to you, ASK, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”


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