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8 Ways to Manage Social Media (To Preserve Your State of Being)

Social media use is on the rise, especially among the young and impressionable. Therefore, we must set ground rules when using social media as it can negatively affect our state of being. However, responsible use of social media is possible.

1. Be Judicious.

Do you let just anybody walk into your house with dirty shoes? Then why are you ingesting everyone’s moods, feelings, thoughts to enter your brain? It’s hard to maintain a grounded state when you have random people walking into your headspace.


2. Aim for Quality, Not Quantity.

Follow people you admire and like only. Great people inspire you, give you great ideas, make you feel the world is a good place. Would you want to be around dramatic and bad-mannered people? Then don’t follow them. They are at their worst online.

3. Set Time For Checking Social Media.

If you’re bored, there are other better things to do like reading a book, learning a skill, doing art. Don’t check social media when you’re bored. Set a specific time to do that, and then leave.

4. Be Intentional.

We must take responsibility for the energy we put out in the world. If you have something negative to say, sit on it for a few hours or a day. If you will regret pressing “Submit” later, then don’t do it. Remember: maturity is when you realize you are not the center of the world, and you are accountable for your thoughts and actions.

5. Not Everyone Cares.

Most people are too busy or too into themselves to worry about anyone else, let alone strangers on the Internet. Therefore, invest your energy wisely, don’t water every weed on the streets. Grow a garden and water that instead.

6. Focus On Self-Development

Focus on your self-development and state of being, accomplishing your goals, and achieving your dreams. These are more important than impressing people on social media. Success requires tunnel vision, focusing on the energy and positivity you need to achieve your goals and ignoring the rest.

7. Don’t Be A Rat

Don’t thrive in the rush that social media brings. Social media forces us to speed up, rush, and move faster because somehow, that’s how we achieve success, hustle culture toxicity, a race to earn money. The problem with the rat race is you’re still a rat.

8. Be A Turtle

The turtle wins the race. Enlightened people move slowly with care and mindfulness. Slowing down is god-like. Why? Think about it. Gods are immortal. If you have all the time in the world, would you want to rush? Use social media slowly.

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