About This Site

I founded Enlight8 to help everyone live their best life by focusing on continuous improvements across all the significant areas and categories of our life. One of the best ways we can learn the most incredible life lessons is through books and the wisdom of many great men and women in the past and present. Enlight8’s mission is to spread this wisdom and knowledge to everyone and apply it to create the best version of ourselves.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope you support this site’s journey along the way.


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About Myself

I am a Technical Web Product Manager by day and a writer by night. I founded Enlight8 to learn and write about the great pearls of wisdom from successful people in the past and present and great books. As a technologist, this project was also a way for me to use technology to spread some great inspirational ideas.

Aside from writing, I also enjoy photography, music, and graphic design. I hope the information on this site helps you in any way to become the best version of yourself.

I am always looking for contributors and writers. If you’re interested in collaborating, please email me at marcjsanluis@gmail.com.