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5 Things I Like – Issue #1






In the hopes of writing and updating more often, I decided to do the “5 Things Like” where I can document the five things that I’m currently enjoying.

1. iPhone SE.
So, Apple decided to increase the storage capacity of the iPhone SE to 128gb this month. After the removal of the headphone jack in the flagship iPhone 7, I opted for the sleekness of the iPhone SE as my main driver. I upgraded from an iPhone 6. Upgraded is the correct word here since the SE’s specs are awesome. It has the computer prowess of the iPhone 6s with the new camera capabilities within such a chic form-factor. In my opinion, it is a perfect size and I’m left wanting of that new storage capacity and wished that Apple could have done us right the first time.

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2. Book: Amy Hempel Collected Short Stories

As a short story reader and writer, I have my choice of favorite short story writers. Amy Hempel is on that list for sure, and this short story collection of hers is delectable. I discovered her work after Chuck Palachniuk, author of such books as “Fight Club,” mentioned her story. It’s this one: “In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried.” Read it and be wowed. And then pick up her collection of short stories (Amy Hempel Collected Short Stories) and you’ll be a happy camper or at least an entertained commuter like myself. Somehow the short story format is a perfect companion for subway commuters like myself, where 15 minutes is enough to devour a good story or two.








3. Audiobook: Sara Bareilles, Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song. 

Sara is one of my favorite singer/songwriter and she recently released her autobiography: “Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song.” This is a situation in which the book version is simply not enough. But thanks to Audible, I was able to download the audiobook version of this book. And can I say, it is way, way better than the book version by a mile. The audiobook really lets me understand her childhood and what she experienced along her career thus far. The best part is that Sara herself narrates the book (which is more entertaining and a more personal and heartfelt experience). She also sings in it! She often breaks out into songs and she sings the intro for every chapter. What a treat! This is one of the best books I have listened to, well worth the download for music lovers, and a must hear for Sara Bareilles fans. I cannot wait to see her take on the lead for “Waitress the Musical” on Broadway where she will sing the libretto that she wrote.








4. Renpure Coconut Water Mist Leave-in Treatment.

Part of my daily hair routine, this is currently my favorite hair mist leave-in treatment. Growing up in the Pacific islands in the Philippines where coconut trees are aplenty, I have known about the multitude health benefits of coconut. Therefore I absolutely love this hair mist. I put this on to detangle my hair every morning and before I put on any hair products. It leaves my hair hydrated and shiny and it doesn’t leave any residue. It also helps wash away hair products residue once I was my hair afterward. It also smells great and it is definitely natural and non-toxic to the scalp and skin.








5. J+S Glasses.

Many devices we used every day like computer screens and smartphone devices emit what is called blue light. This blue light has been known to have some harmful effects (more here: I have been using this computer glasses to combat the effects of blue light, and have found that my eyes are less strained and tired, and I do think it also contributes to better sleep. Found these glasses on Amazon at an affordable price. (Here is a good coupon code that I have for a 20% discount: type in promo: ILOVEJSV).



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