Thoughts on Deliberate Intentions

Life delivers what you ask. Not by the words you speak but by the energy that you put out.

If you complain, the universe will happily find more stuff for you to complain. In fact, it will move mountains to match that energy that you put out. Bringing with it more things for you to complain about.

If you are thankful, the universe will move mountains, bringing with it more stuff for you to be thankful for.

This universe is a universe of energy.

This energy will always seek to match the energy that you are.

The more you are aware of this law, the more you can live by intention.

So now. Intend to be happy. Intend to be free. Intend to free yourself from mind.

Intend to seek yourself. To face your true self.

This true self vibrates at an even, fully positive energy. One of kindness. One of caring.

Live with intention to always come back to this energy no matter how the world turns.

Because the world will reflect things to test you. To make you ask for something better.

But continue seeking and asking. The intentions you have in you must be deliberate.

It must be the energy that you seek.

So seek to be the energy you want to experience in this world.


Founder of Enlight8.com