A blog about life learnings, the tech I love, the books I read, art, and life.

Welcome to Enlight8.com. There are an abundance of knowledge and technologies in our life now. We are living in the great information age. New books, technologies, ideas -- this blog is a way for someone like myself to grasp on to these ideas and perhaps turn these information to something that can be applied in our lives and perhaps enlighten us now to live our fullest and best self. Join me along the way. :)
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A blog about life learnings, the tech I love, the books I read, art, and life.

Hi! I'm Marc.

And this is my blog. I love to write so I write about what I learned, the tech I love, the books I read, arts.... life in general.

16/02/15 Life no responses

The Old Couple Next to Me

The woman is old, gray hair on her head, skin had seen many suns. She cradled the food, laying it down the table as she calls out to her husband.  “Over here” she called him to a table she found at the corner near the window. He walks, waddle is more like it, with his jacket on his wrist. He sat next to her. They are eating their food and they talk about their day. Continue reading

05/02/15 Life no responses

Hard Work Requires Having Blinders ON!


January 2015, what a way to start the new year.   I came back from my trip to the Philippines to attend my grandmother’s funeral. (Rest in peace, Lola).

The trip has given me some new insights.  As I racked my brain to notice how great and successful people seem to manage to have break the ceiling, how they can make great leaps in life, and how they can produce the sheer amount of hard work day in and day out.   It baffled me, I admit. I asked myself how I can have that much passion? Where is that drive coming from? How can I get that?

Continue reading

21/02/13 Body and Mind no responses

8 Effective Tips to Maintain A Healthy Weight (Loss)

Article written by Dr. Damien Hsu, R.D., Ph.D

Whether you’re already fit and want to maintain your ideal weight or you’re someone who is just starting to implement a weight loss regimen, the tips we have below will help.  There are certain habits that healthy people follow. These habits contribute to staying healthy and fit.   The tips we are about to outline have been shown to promote a healthy way of maintaining your ideal weight if you are already there.

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10/02/13 Relationships no responses

8 Lessons on Showing Love (From the Book “The Five Love Languages”)

We are all born unique.  Each person we meet have differing personalities and varying likes and dislikes. Even in the midst of being raised in the same environments and genetically alike such as the case for identical twins — we still develop very different personalities. Perhaps our personality comes from our soul? Is it any wonder that each one of us show and perceive love differently? Continue reading

31/01/13 Wealth and Abundance no responses

8 Tips to Become a Smart Spender

We work hard to earn our money so we definitely deserve to spend it whichever way we want right?   Perhaps, but we should think ahead and learn to become smart spenders of our money.  We learn how to be a smart spenders in order to keep more of the money we earn. When we become smart spenders we are able to keep more of what we earn so we can save for rainy days, invest in stocks, or have enough to pay our expenses such us our mortgage. Continue reading

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